Thursday, September 22, 2011

See You Home

Currently I am working with Families and Faith ministry at Prince of Peace and teaching a Bible class with the book It Starts at Home. We are also reading Sacred Stories of Ordinary Families forour book discussion group- Faith Shapers. This has prompted much thinking about our own family faith stories  and just how we got them.  I have been remembering our family words to each other of- See you Home.  I think this may have started in the days when multiple cars ended up at church with the different events.  Often we walked around the square of hallways looking for each other to make sure all five of us had a ride with someone going home.  The farewell was often- See You Home.

In the years since the girls have all left home, the words mean something more long term when I use them. Each farewell is wrapped in the loving arms of Jesus and the home to gain is now more than a street address. It is our heavenly  home.  The eternal dwelling place. The grace of life lived in the Kingdom here and promise of eternity with Jesus. Not a bad greeting to bless my children with even today. Just might start adding it to the end of our phone conversations as distance now keeps us parted.       We know we are Going Home.

Photo is from a Leading From Within Journal made from  free Visitor Center brochures and bound at Staples. The heavy cardstock makes a great "free" journal.

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