Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Praying for the City of Richmond

The past two days I have been in Richmond, Virginia for the Spiritual Life Team of our Church District.  To gather to check in with one another, encourage, and see where the Holy Spirit is working in our lives.  Old friends and new friends.

Richmond Hill sits high above the city and looks down on the hustle of the surroundings and yet is caught in a step- away from the world centering. time to pray for the work of mission and ministry and those who carry out the call...the clergy and the laity.
The water pours forth and the sound is alive, reminding me that the water-giver and the work of the Spirit   MOVES

The sun filtered through the October days and we were reminded that as all days flow through the sieve of time, once in awhile we are allowed to capture a spot that gives us the opportunity to hear the quiet. To be aware when the Lord passes by.....

And in the details of a building from long ago I am reminded that it is in the DETAILS that it all matters anyway. The Spirit that holds us up like the corbels of a roof edge.

That keeps my eyes looking upward always.....  when the Lord lifts my chin to see the light when my nature keeps my eyes downcast on the path in front.....  He whispers my name and says... LOOK UP.

and then in the sign, the visual reminder at the end of the visit He reminds me.... IT IS ALL GRACE 
and it is once again time to be the living incarnation of Jesus to the world.. alive, growing and clinging to the Rock.          

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  1. you are a inspirational person and an inspirational writer. Thanks for sharing your heart and your pictures. They are beautiful!


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