Sunday, November 6, 2011

Connie's Studio

Repurposed Shelving and Cubbies--
 the one on the left are 2 legal size drawers stacked
 on top of each other one on the right has a screen door backing- repainting things all white helped to bring a lifetime of odds and ends into a pleasing place to store and organize
How to make use of every shelf and vertical space-
 punch holder is an antique wire shelf
Matilda's ( the vintage dress form)  corner--
with antique shoe display shelf on the left,
 vintage door  for the corner and bottom right
 is a glimpse of the antique oak coffin--
 (a long story and not everyone has to 
decorate around this in their home studio)
Vintage green glass container- 
perfect for ribbons
Old Cast off shelf from New York
 salvage on top of a metal and oak trunk,
 Oak bookcase stacked with quilts and the sewing area 

with wall unit with lots of wonderful cubbies.
Vintage display case of some kind and repurposed to display stamps
Just in case I need to dress up to create- 
Spring basket is a Rebecca Ersfeld  creation-
made from a crochet skein
old rugs and hand made oak Amish table 
My grandmother's shoe holder repurposed for laces,
 crochet and all things
frilly and hung on a door
There is something a little daunting about revealing 
your creative work place.  
The joy of putting this together has been fun 
to share with family and friends. 
An underused bedroom now that we have
 grown children has become a place to BE ME
 and all that the Lord
 has brought together in this time and place.
Will share more photos soon of the details. 
 A special thank you to Rebecca Ersfeld and Diane Marra on giving me the courage to
 Create my own CREATIVE SPACE. 
May it bless others too.

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