Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Las Vegas Trip

A Fall Thanksgiving Garland -
 add tags with note of thanks each year-
 has leaves made from hymnbook pages

 and copies of vintage Thanksgiving cards
Empty frame fills out visual space 
without feeling too "heavy"
Love the white painted mantel
Artist's drawing nook with supplies contained
 on a trays and in old cheese box
Blessed by a cross collection
Laura D. Schumacher original 
pottery bowl  filled with gourds
A collection of "family" pumpkins
 with an unframed botanical

Original Laura D. Schumacher watercolor--
 a reminder of East Coast Fall days
A new home with large walls to fill--
 used Thrift store black and white prints 
and added "size" by placing them on canvases 
covered in free Donghia fabric swatches.
Fell in love with this "pin" 
and made our own version- 
we sewed strips of burlap,
onasburg and unbleached muslin 

onto oatmeal colored felt.  Ohhhh

Thrift store candles painted with Mod Podge
 and rolled in Epsom Salt.
  Who would have thought- such fun.
 Time to catch up with an end of October visit
 and a football game, good food, some shopping, 
thrifting,and worship. Fun to see the style develop 
when the lack of funds spurs creativity. 
Denninger style is morphing into Schumacher style--
 but with a Big D!

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