Saturday, December 24, 2011

On a Quiet Christmas Eve- Love Came Down

Love Came Down-
a theme that struck home from the Ann Voskamp's blog- a holy experience-
                                      The message from our home to all that visit this year
Some finished decorations for Jess and Dan's first Christmas
Folded paper wheels with Dollar Store glitter ornaments
Paper wreath with vintage book page inserts
The grown up kids are playing Mexican Train in the dining room. Christmas songs play in the background and we wait for John to return from 4 worship services and now has had to make 2 emergency trips to 2 different hospitals.  A long day for him today.....a longer day as some families wait on news about loved ones. One daughter- Laura- is in Fort Wayne and we miss her and her husband Joshua but know they are with family that also loves them.   So I am off to play some games, sip some hot tea and smile as we wait for the dawn of Christmas Day at the Denninger house. A look at some photos from today.....and will update later on our family fun days.
Blessed Christmas!!!

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