Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Simple Treasures

A favorite nativity from my friend- Anna
Greens, berries and a handmade "ginger" angel
Santa gathering
The White House ornament tree
A glimpse inside the kitchen cupboard
Collected Santa mugs waiting for hot chocolate
a framed print from The Illustrated London News
 dated Dec. 20, 1856- purchased in Ireland
The prism lamps and my growing up nativity
Vintage ornaments catch the sunlight

We continue to do things each day that remind of us the Greatest Treasure and that we unwrap the gift  of Jesus in our hearts when we see others in need of knowing Him.  It is not glitz or fancy things that bring about the Christmas Spirit, but the humble stopping to acknowledge that we can do nothing to bring peace and joy into the world. That is incarnate in a tiny baby born with a divine purpose.  How wonderful to know that even 2000 years ago, the reason for Christmas was ME.

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