Sunday, January 1, 2012

Living Full Eye in 2012

A favorite new Holy Family wall hanging
New heirloom chairs brought from my friend
Diane Marra to keep until the "right time" to return

Finally lengthened the too short table skirt with burlap edge-
 love the contrast of formal and informal
A close up view
My girls from years ago on the hallway railing swag
The front door chair that greets visitors with stars and greens
Added the vintage scooter from my parent's home
 to the skates, old sled and well worn bucket of greens
Love the old hutch found in Greensboro, N.C
filled with Christmas handmade goodies
Nostalgia for this gingerbread hand-made doll in a wreath
The First Christmas Tree made by dear friend Lee
 to enjoy with the newlyweds
 with the memorabilia of their wedding in 2011

Ann Voskamp's book and blog- One Thousand Gifts has had a great influence in my life in the way I SEE LIFE in the past few months.  I pray that in this new year I may notice the details of life and GIVE THANKS for all the ways that the Lord touches my life every day. Some favorite details of the past few days......and now on to 2012 and the new details to be grateful for in His grace.

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  1. so glad the chairs fit in your home. I know they will be loved and well taken care of. Blessings in the new year!


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