Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birthday Blessings

let us love with actions and truth


The greatest of these is LOVE

Same words but always looks different- a few of the paper wreaths
 made by those attending the Keep the Faith weekend at our church 
What a neat intergenerational activity
 and to see two young brothers 
walking out with heart projects 
literally draped over their entire body.

been a rather quiet and reflective day
 today on the anniversary of another birthday
  each year as more friends fight health and illness issues
 and some families mourn the loss of loved ones,
 I always must remind myself 
that the gift of a birthday is actually 
such an affirmation and a nod 
of favor forward into the next year-  
more to do, more to Be,
 and more time to tell others about Jesus.
 A pretty good gift of bountiful blessings.

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  1. Happy Birthday Momma! I love all of your amazing work! Monique has her paper wreath hanging on her door at school!
    I love you!



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