Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heart Throbs

GOD IS LOVE.  The key to my heart of Faith.

Vintage style heart
with photo of my mom as a young girl

Old book,
 heart cut from tin ceiling and keys
Glass Cloche, cake plate
 and mirrored pedestal
 with "Germany" Valentine
Vintage stand up Valentine
One of my bunny angels
 and Love ornament on the Valentine tree
Favorites- Heart Books
 Seeing the photo of Mom as a little girl
 and wondering about her Valentine celebrations.
Really don't have any stories to pass along from her era..... 
 and as visitors have viewed the Valentine tree
 with my growing up collection of grade school Valentines..
 they look with amazement that I still have them...… 
they were treasured and kept in a heart box
 and brought out often and unfolded and read--
perhaps my quiet times were pretty simple….
 but the memories moved forward with me into adulthood
 and I can still mentally capture the bedroom,
 the light and the presence of opening each red gift.
And small tucked away treasures
 will maybe someday delight another generation.
 The collecting of memories to create a legacy
 is really more about the intentional time
 than the creative outlet.
 And so, I  take a moment to snap a photo,
 to tell a small piece of the story-
 that another generation
 may hear heart throb echoes from the past.
 And the greatest story to tell is that-
 WE Love because HE FIRST LOVED US.
 1 John 4:19

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