Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweet Things

a pin made from vintage fabrics and crochet circles-
 Dana Denley Davis- design
 brings a smile to my face
 a little pause in time to mark
 the joy of sweet things in life.... 

the sunshine yellow of an iris in bloom 
 sunshine sparkles even on a cloudy day

and tiny pink shoes on little feet that run and run
and bunny slippers with googly eyes

and knees that have hugged the floor a few
times and slipped into the land of Rapunzel
And the detailed and scribbled
 coloring of a Jesus who commands the wind

and I am transported back in time maybe 23 years
watching little ones dance with delight in a day-
 marking the passage of time with wonderment
 as we slip through the forest of imaginations
and hug and make small marks in time
 to be reminded that each of these days
 is Gift Wrapped in His Glory and Gift

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