Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Graft me unto You, O Savior

A song and lyrics keeps coming across my mind-

Graft us into You, O Savior
Prune our hearts so we remain
Fruitful branches in Your vineyard 
Till eternal life we gain.
 Maybe this verse quickens my notice because of my maiden name-GRAFT

I suppose I often heard more derogatory connections with my namesake-
bribery, illicit gains in politics or business.

And now in the past few days I have heard the term- 
Graft, Grafted, Grafting and thrown in with that you would also get a Grafter.

insert a piece of living tissue,  
hard work, transplant living tissue, 
to insert or fix a living thing permanently to another-

 kind of goes with the Vine and Branches story of this past week's readings in church.
John 15

A new take with the verse from the song--

Graft, Prune, Fruitful and Eternal-- in the same breath--- sounds like a positive place to focus energy and attention-
maybe this becomes a whispered prayer- GRAFT me into you, O Savior.
The May Lilacs
Peony Perfection
Red Hot Poker- Tritoma- Kniphofia
Baptisia- Blue Wild Indigo- Legume family
Clematis- that vines up the lilac bush

A walk in my yard reminds me of how much planting comes from interconnections-
one bush gets tall and dwarfs another---  one dies out and another spurts in growth-

The pruning is hard ---- always seems like you are loosing something you will not get back-
and then a glorious display reminds you of the harvest that waits ----
always a brilliant reminder of eternal gain.

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