Friday, May 25, 2012

The Lord Bless and Keep You

Gatherings on the dining room table
 I received this beautiful tag from my friend, Bonnie.  Bonnie recovering from pneumonia, with her mom just released from the hospital with pneumonia, and a plateful of life challenges.  And she takes the time to craft this delightful tag, with words of blessing.

Numbers 6: 24-26
The Blessing I long to hear every week in worship

AND KEEP YOU......  in looking at the Psalms-- this week was Praying Psalm 4 and in the margin of my Bible are these words.. I don't know who wrote them--  too eloquent to be me.....

Psalm Four--reflections
all beginnings,
unfinished business,
all I started and
couldn’t finish,
all I began
and lost interest in,
all began in hope and 
ending in despair,
all the scattered experiences 
of the day-
assembled and laid 
before God,
then simply turn over 
to sleep.

And as I have days of unrest with unknowing,
 changes or not for the future, and living in unsettled times,
I pray this Psalm in my days and ......
pray the words of blessing over our oldest daughter, Jessica--
born 28 years ago TODAY.
May the Lord bless and keep you as Psalm 4
outlines the KEEPING THAT ONLY GOD can do in our 
every days
ordinary days
extraordinary days

I give Him honor and praise for all the Goodness
He brings to each and every day
in His Keeping of ME.


  1. Love you much Connie!!

    And Happy Birthday Jessica! Love you!

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