Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring sightings at Richmond Hill

Butterfly landing by the garden pond
A perennial favorite- verbena bonariensis
The delicate pink peony hues
Regal and stately iris and peony buds ready to burst
This favorite has disappeared from my garden
at home and so has the name....
 anyone know the name of this delicate perennial?
This garden structure captured my attention-
maybe a prayer closet of some kind
 and I was just getting ready to explore-
 when I heard an outburst cry in the garden
 and walked quickly back to the center of the garden.

The lovely young lady who serves as a gardener at Richmond Hill
 stood hunched over the green disc with garden trowel poised to the ready-

"It's a black widow spider."  Really?   Like REALLY?!!!???
"Well, how do you know?"  "The red dot on its end."   Like, I can't see THAT at all. Then she moved the trowel.

Yup, there it is.  Well, she said she has seen many in the garden but this one is by far the largest.

"I'm gonna have to kill it. You just have to" ... and then it was smooshed  and GONE.

Time to head back inside and sniff a peony on the way
Always good to come back to the calm inside-
 even when an experience unsettles for a bit-

"He will keep me safe in His dwelling"  from Psalm 27:5

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