Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Studio Grace

Spent some time in the past couple of weeks-- sorting and organizing...  after the "move-in" about a year ago- some things just got pushed and shoved.  Now making sense of things in order to retrieve them--- got  to do that - otherwise when the "create" bug invades and I spend the time allowed for hunting instead of making....  well, you see what I mean..
I have posted a few pics in the past, but here are a few more....
The studio became reality last year when I painted all pieces white to help with the hodge-podge and nothing new was purchased to set up the space- reinvented maybe......

This IKEA marvel was purchased close
 to 20 years ago- it opens for more shelf storage
(this was already lovely white)
The white unit is actually a screen door
 on the back with shutter sides on the base
and cubbies-- we think maybe an old pigeon roost-
 made by Folk Artist- Gloria McCloud
An oak vintage shoe rack
gives great vertical storage space
Hankies from my mom and grandmother Anna Riebeling
gather on curtain clips to become a fanciful valance
a place for the Mason jars-
shelves made from upcycled wine storage crates -
Gloria McCloud
This large two piece hutch
 came from a paper factory in Omaha,
Nebraska--- it hides a secret
Cubbies, Cubbies and Cubbies-
just waiting for Cigar boxes, tins and
  old card boxes for sorting and storing and FINDING
and Mildred---  always draped and swagged
and ready to see the next gathering of creativity

so a little bit more of a peek inside the place- THE STUDIO- where grace awaits, for all things started, and some things finished and the molding and renovation that happens in-between--
In the quiet beauty of the morning light or the laughter as the Glamour Glitter Girls create in the night....
 swathed in ribbon, a dash of glitter, and burlap strands.....

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