Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Open Gardens- Four

Phlox-- variety---LAURA -
 fell in love with the color
 and Purple is daughter Laura's favorite color

the garden marker is for the lilac behind the phlox
A beautiful hybrid daylily
The Filipendula in bloom
Bird Bath Redo-
Winter had finally created a crack and the basin
 no longer would hold water--
 so this redo of things in the yard
 with a spot for thirsty birds allows it a second life
Happy plants before the 100 degree
 weather headed our way in Virginia
Bacopa in bloom and pots filling out
Purple angelonia
Little girl and the daisies
Crocosmia- Lucifer-- just beginning to bloom

And awaiting the intense heat coming this way.......and so we remember the sun-

"It rises at one end of the the heavens
 and makes it circuit to the other;
nothing is hidden from its heat."

Psalm 19:6

And so we rest today knowing the heat is coming....
.and hold thankfulness for shade and refreshing waters.

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  1. Very pretty garden pictures! I love the bird bath redo!


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