Friday, July 20, 2012

Creative Newlywed

What a fun time to stop in at the home of oldest daughter Jessica and husband Dan- on the way home from a North Carolina vacation.  Time to see just what the creative newlywed bride----  just celebrating a one year anniversary- had to share from their redo and upcycle home.

Old Window made into a wall shadow box
Old Bibles on a "clean out" pile from her church
she added twine wrapped bottles for texture
simple but elegant
Wreath---Natural Coffee Filters with some added dimension
 with a tea dye mixture and burlap ribbon
She made this at a Pinterest party with friends 
Large canvas covered with pages from a Bible
 that was no longer usable
Stenciled the words from Isaiah 40:31 with acrylic paint
Added the eagle silhouette-enlarged a print to create a stencil
Remake of her laundry hamper
 that had lots of pink and stenciled flowers
A more neutral palette -
 painted the bottom with brown acrylic paint
 Wove burlap ribbon through the wicker for dimension
and added a burlap tie to the handle

A Great upcycle technique

As we raise our children it is always interesting to notice their likes and dislikes and wonder what they will be like as young adults.. Fun to see the creative part develop in the need to start out and reinvent items already owned to repurpose or add style on a dime........I give thanks for children who are able to rethink and reuse... reminds me in this stream of life -- that God is not done with me yet...

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  1. love the ideas, especially the Isa 40 canvas. Your daughters are very creative just like their mother. Miss you!


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