Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July nudges

Lantana perfection

some things continue to move along
 without much attention on my part-- 

thank the Lord for THAT.
the unexpected- pool balls in a glass vase
maybe quirky-
 but I have always loved the bright colors on them

the small ceramic tag was a gift
 from Miss Mustard Seed at the Luckett's Fair-- it says
 Move Mountains---

that is what it feels I am doing right now--
-  an office transition and moving

 one daughter back home for a new job
 all good things--- but lots of rearranging of stuff

 and the sorting-- 

some to storage- some home and some  to give away--
one year anniversary July 17, 2011
the bride Jessica with siblings  Sara and Laura
                       seems like this special milestone sort of slipped           through the cracks- and yet so much learning 
             and growing happens in that first year of marriage.

Jessica and Daniel

A wonderful addition to our family-
 We give thanks for the blending of
faith-filled spouses and families for our daughters.

The Lord is Good to us.

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