Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Spoils

Not all bad when a young adult daughter moves home
and brings her Crate and Barrel leaning shelves along.
Grabbed them right away and had fun styling all that  vertical space.
( a personal mantra-- Go HIgher!)
Turned out to be super spots for

 Keep the Faith Art projects---
 that tell pieces of our family story.
Hmmmm-- not sure she is getting them back.
Didn't know if  I'd like the modern look
 with all the old things in our house.
Just the right mix an
d still lots of empty space 
to rest the eye.
My friend, Diane, will probably want

 her needlepoint chairs
 back now that I am storing for her.
 So the spoils of a move- not all bad.

Can you guess what the metal piece was in a former life?
I liked it because it had a modern "cross" design.
OK------  it is a gas burner piece from an old gas stove -
probably had a more formal name than that.
The crape myrtles are in bloom here in Virginia.
Always a wonderful sight in summer
when the landscape can once again turn shades of pink.
Tonite there was a rain spoil.  Lots of lightening
and thunder but not a drop.
The spotty showers turned out to be just that---- activities called off because of the rain,,,,
but nothing came..... spoiled again.
Brilliant red of the mandevilla stands out
 in the landscape for sure.
It takes the heat on the deck 

and the unrentless summer sun.
So I just keep on watering.

But, all in all, the "spoils" have got to refer to me.
What I have left over-

 because I cannot use up all of my
 quotient of grace each day.
The boundless outpouring of God's love

 and grace makes me crazy to watch any slip away...
just gone.

So it a day filled with bounteous

  spoils and spoiled rain showers and
spoiled health interventions
(for my sister)
and spoiled
 plans for my To Do list
I sit back and see myself with just a hint of
God's lavish grace dripping from my forehead,
and I grin-
 Yup- I am wonderfully spoiled. 

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