Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Neighborhood Gathering

Well I suppose you know I could not let the first gathering in the garage- to- be go without a little tweaking.  Once we got all the stuff we didn't need in there outand stored elsewhere-- (never mind), it was such a fine place to gather that we could not get them out of there and into the back yard.....
anyway we managed to have the event between rain showers, and time to catch up with old friends and meet some of the rest of the neighborhood.  A couple of Prince of Peace friends joined us and we give thanks for their continued friendship.... God is Good.  All the time.

The old ironing board was called into
 service for beverages-
 Now makes a great spot to gather

 some plants near the window.
the crock gathers some silk fall foliage- 

until we get the leaves turning......

The copper kettle was going to be for
 water bottles on ice
 but it was so hot--
had to keep that in a cooler

 and opted for a recycle container.
The old green screen door was found dumpster diving on trash day
 in the neighborhood this spring-

 not sure yet what it's new life will be...

Reconfigured things on the potting bench
 with the old chicken coop on its side
 and made a place for name tags
The old table was found in a back yard and dumped
when the Youth Group kids did a Clean up day
 for an elderly lady in our church....
my girls grabbed it and said-
"mom will take care of this- she loves junk"
Some old white enamelware
 just hanging out together

starting to imagine the fall colors
 appearing around the streets
Grabbed an old burlap feed sack from  my dad's stash,
the red sap bucket
and cut hydrangeas  from the back yard garden
The Wicker flower stand from Aunt Elizabeth Wendt,
( I remember her gigantic asparagus ferns
 in it when I was little)
 wooden garden and hay rakes
and fall foliage
thinking burgundy, orange and gold

well it might not look like your typical garage redo----
- but think this is on the track for one I can live with
Welcome September Days!

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