Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post Sandy Peace

  It surely does not take much to rock our small world--
 the power goes off-
the cell phones don't work.
News incoming is static on the battery -powered radio,
 and dimly in candle light we finish supper,
 and play cards.
We settle in for a quiet night--
except for the howling of the forceful winds
and the battering of the limbs against the side of the house.

 The verse on this visual prayer card
that I had finished keeps crossing my mind-

the Peace of God which transcends

will guard my heart and my mind
Christ Jesus-
  just as surely as I breathe in and breathe out--
 without thinking about it-
without monitoring it-
 the Holy Spirit catches me up in safe keeping-
 no matter the wind or rain or
storm of life.
And I give thanks.

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