Thursday, January 31, 2013

Counting to One Thousand Gifts

One Thousand Gifts
As Ann Voskamp tells a simple story

 that calls us to step into the moments of our days
Pay attention

 and Count it All GRACE

Collage cover to Counting Gifts Journal

Could we really make sense of all of life?

in the word 

Chara- Joy

Charis- Grace

Eucharisteo- he gave thanks

Greek words that wrap together

  "to make the meaning of everything"

Numbered and remembered-
 phrases that return the memory of a whole story

The hard things and those that slipped in easily

 but all a reminder as the new year moves along---
 He walked in the days before and He enters them now

His timing.
My obedience

That is the rhythm for me to enter IN-
and not miss my own life- the bessings waiting-

The Gift of days-
of minutes.


Day after day - Counting

But not in labored have-to lists
But open hands palms up-

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