Friday, January 18, 2013

January odds and ends

A chilly day out in the carport- garage today but the  last of the "Winter friends"
 seem nestled in just fine...

oh and the garage project ---- well Winter is taking a toll.......

The pink stuff goes up and then the wind takes the old stuff off...
When Miss Alaina visited this week she said to
 "tell Pastor John to leave the house PINK."
 I have always dreamed of living in a pink house-
ah! dreams do come true.
 They came to install the garage door today 
but they sent a wrong size piece to hang it -
  so back to the drawing board.
Not sure how long this wrinkle will take.. 
 we ordered the door in NOVEMBER!
 Can't wait to reveal the finished door.
Think we will  LOVE IT!!

They said the S word in Northern Virginia
And I dreamed White thoughts

The snow went south of us last night.

So dreaming up some Valentine projects
 and reading this:

Sanctuary of the Soul-
 Journey into Meditative Prayer-

Richard Foster

Some quieter, reflective January days- 
not a bad start to 2013.

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