Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Auld Lang Syne

The last in the trilogy of vintage New Year's  post cards-

Yellow roses-  a sure sign of new things

And purple violets too

Yes and the song-  
  an extremely old Scottish song first written down in the 1700's.
Robert Burns is the person whose transcription 
got the most attention, so the song is associated with him.
A good translation of the song title would be -
"as times gone by".
 Later tradition connects this song
 to Canadian band leader, Guy Lombardo, 
 who first sang it on Jan. 1, 1929
 in the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. 
Guy Lombardo's orchestra played
 the song every New Year's Eve
 in a live broadcast from NYC until 1976.
Since then, the recording has been played
 each year as part of the Times Square "ball drop".

And as I continue to think about
 promises, hope and dreams for 2013--
 one thing comes to the front line over and over.....

My prayer for you this New Year--- 
 and if seeking Him---
 remember He has already found you.

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