Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stamping and Visual Prayer

Always experimenting to find more ways for people to enter into the experience of visual prayer.

Often hear the old "I can't draw"  litany and so they fear trying it out- even just a little bit.

 So recently I played around with stamped Bible verses- for those who 
"hate their own handwriting" and even played with some basic stamp shapes that give small prayer cards a good head start.

In our new ministry setting we meet many pastors when visiting in the District. I have chosen to bless them by spending time in prayer for the ministry couple, their children, the congregation they serve, and the people impacted in their ministry neighborhood.  It is certainly helpful to me to pray the verse over them and just rest in the Spirit. This is my intercession as I lift them up in prayer.

 I send them the original prayer and make a copy of the prayer and keep it in a photo album so that I can pick up the album anytime to renew prayer thoughts. The 4 by 6 index cards are portable, travel with me and I can often find prayer time in waiting rooms, or riding in the car.

Sometimes I use Artist watercolor paper cut to 4 by 6 cards and play with watercolors  and color pencils. I upload a pin to Pinterest to the board called Praying for the Southeastern District as I explore the thought of covering the whole geographic area in prayer.

What would it look like?

Doodles and lines and tangles get added...  I always date them ... to mark the journey...........

and pray that these prayers may bless those prayed for in ways beyond my understanding.

The Lord is GOOD.

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