Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Faith Hope and Love

 Last week I was invited to a friend's house for lunch.

When driving there I was thinking about how special the gift
 is to invite someone into your home.

LET them into your life.  Flaws. Dust. And all. 
 At least that is the way I have begun to see what hospitality
 REALLY IS......
 It is not about the perfection of how we live, 
but the offering of the wholeness of WELCOME.
It is preparing my heart to be vulnerable.
To be willing to give something of myself.
It is an offering.

My friend Bonnie 
 (whoops, now you know)
  is incredibly talented and a delightful hostess.
 Yummy soup
Warm Kitchen
Tasty salad

And catching up
Girl stuff
Parent stuff
Life stuff
Heart stuff
And as time came to depart she handed me a gift bag. 
She said, "You inspired this. 
I learned how to do some of these techniques 
at church at the Keep the Faith Event."
Creating visual faith reminders.
Telling the story.

Faith Hope and Love
Mixed Media Canvas

"And now I will show you the most excellent way"......

With heart doily and wired ribbon hearts and pearls
 and layers

And that is really how this thing goes about LOVE-
It comes back and around
 and lifts up 
And don't we need a reminder of that every day?
Who might be waiting for you
 to invite them to your home?
For the Good News gift 
of LOVE.

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