Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Heart Tugs


An old candy box gently stores
 the Valentines from years ago-

probably 1967-1969.
February and all that meant in
 upper elementary grades in a Lutheran School.

so heart strings and vintage hankies
and assorted trinkets join to
adorn the tree
 with the
heart and verse cutouts

and there were eleven of us in my class
 7 girls and 4 boys and the odds
 were not in our favor on Valentine's Day.

and 3 of the boys 
had the last name
and I was at least distantly related to them

 and the other was Myers

and I gently place favorite and special ones 
in the tree branches dripping with red

and the story goes---
  there was this "older" boy who moved in from the city-
 DH- John was a student those days in that school 
 and I have Valentines from every other boy in the school
 except HIM.

and he has given reasons and forged stories
  but none the less-


But this story has a great ending as 
he now holds the 
Key to my Heart.

and all the fine moments along the journey
played out in adult life
sweeten the pot--

grade school heart tugs really are the best thing 
when they blossom into grown up
 heart throbs-
 the giving, 
 giving up, 
 whatever it takes

A blessed ending to this Love Story.


  1. What a great story! Thanks for the smiles!

  2. ah Amy great to have you back stateside


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