Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lenten Journey Beginnings

The past two years I have used Lenten calendars provided by my friend Sybil MacBeth to focus my Lenten readings and thoughts for each day.....

The small squares have been doable, finite and add to a visual picture of my Lenten Journey...
Here is what the past two years have looked like:

Sybil has graciously provided some more calendar choices at:

They can be downloaded and printed from this site.

A pathway version


2013 Lenten calendar
Still deciding what my Lenten Journey will look like.
  Should I try something else beside the calendar format?

This year I will be using the Devotional- 

Good News for All of God's People-

written by Michelle DeRusha- 
a member of Southwood Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska.
It is a beautifully illustrated Lenten book of devotions.

 It can be downloaded and printed from this site:

May your Lenten Journey be Blessed.

Let me know if you choose to join
 this Lenten visual journey.


  1. How did you choose the words that you used in each square?

  2. as I read each day's devotional reading I have asked for the Holy Spirit to reveal to me a word to keep "centered" for the day- It has always been amazing there is a word in each day's reading so far, and I know there will be for this year also...


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