Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Instagram 1989

  Sorting through a box of photos last night---
I found a photo of the table 
in the living room on the farm where I grew up-

table still life-
 photo dated- 1989
 though faded
appears to be "new"
with an Instagram filter

Mom's table -
 by the light of the window - 
where she sat with open Bible-
 apple slices to munch on-
 lost in reading- contemplating, praying,
instilling God's Word into her heart.

A still Life arrangement.
 Wonder where the white pitcher got to?
Do one of you have the white pitcher?

May not have wanted it a few years back
 as we divided up the life goods-
 that pitcher-

signifies the life that my dear mother led-
 "be filled up with Jesus."

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