Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Livin' Unbalanced

Found a wonderful vintage piece recently in
 some forays into Hickory, NC Thrift spots.

Tried to find just what it was meant to measure.
 No help there yet..... anyone know anything about this?
Has a very German name written on the bottom of the one side.

I was drawn to the graphic design- the presence of the piece.
The silhouette.
The measuring pieces and how fine tuned it was to balance.
It is missing a couple of the very tiny weight measures.
 So it may be challenging to get things to be perfectly in balance.

D.R.G.M. Schmiedelsen

My friends are learning just how much I need visual reminders
 of the things God is
piecing together in my life.
My home is becoming the visual record of the story of redesign.

I think this has come into our house as a reminder of balance,
the fine measure of God's rule and weight.
If our lives, our schedules, our God-centered focus, our Sabbath,
our prayer life gets off balance.......
 and it always does-

Well, things just never come together as they should...
as they are designed....
as God intended...
as we were created for.....

and when things in my life seem just a tad bit "off",
if things just don't seem to "measure up",
maybe this visual reminder will jog me enough to
sit down and take account
 of my own silhouette-
the one made in His image.

And send me flying back to His Word-
 the one place that it settles even-
that makes sense
 of the weights and measures of this world.

Livin' Balanced?
It is about understanding
 that I cannot bring balance
 by my own work and deeds and gifts-
 Amos 8:5 -
Like where Amos confronts Israel
 about their unethical business practices,
insincere worship and mistreatment of the poor.
"falsifying the scales by deceit"

Any attempt to project a "got it together" "balanced" life,
 does indeed falsify the scales.

It is in the lowly spot of Help Needed- Unbalanced-

that my Jesus has the opportunity to step in,
 and right the scales.
When we live in community unbalanced,
THEN we begin to see
the good and right work that Jesus does in His heart redesign.

It is the authentic reveal of my unbalanced life-
 the story of weights and measures, the scale- lopsided,
 that allows me a closer walk with others.
Where we begin to tell the story
 of His Rightness in our lives.

I am looking for unbalanced friends
 for the journey.
  Is that you?

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