Friday, April 5, 2013

Livin' Easter

  A couple of conversations since Sunday-
"I'm so glad Easter is over!"
"Yea, done with all the eggs and bunny things."
Sadly, these comments were from Christian friends.

The liturgical church year has us at the
 beginning of the Easter season. 
 We have finished LENT.

The fifty days after Easter are the Easter season. 
 And when we live with the Resurrection Hope in our hearts-


For the first time in 32 years- we traveled for Easter.
 Parish ministry always keeps you close to home base.
The school schedule did not help much as 
Spring Break was always HOLY WEEK-
 a crazy busy week in church and family living
 for full time church workers.

So we went south-
to North Carolina
 and visited with married daughter, Jessica
 and her husband, Dan.

Yellow tulips brought grace to a meal including:
Roasted asparagus and Nutella nests for dessert
Chef Dan and his "secret" asparagus recipe
 Parmesan cheese, drizzled olive oil, half a lemon squeezed over,
 salt and pepper and roasted in the oven

Jessica tried a Pinterest recipe---- think I have to find that.

The find of our Thrifting day was this dresser to use as a buffet.
Just perfect for some great paint techniques to bring it into modern day living.

A Bunny I made for Jessica dated 1996-
ah----17 years ago....


 spotted in pots at Birkdale Village
Huntersville, NC-
And with White Hyacinths

  A lovely respite indeed-

and a wonderful reminder that I am choosing to

 Live Easter Everyday.

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