Saturday, April 13, 2013

Livin' Good

Wall Mosaic at Risen Christ Lutheran School- Myrtle Beach, SC
   We were  visiting this school back in January
 and I was blown away by the collage on the wall-

 actual ceramic pieces ------ there is a whole hallway.....
  of course I had left my purse locked in the car- camera there-
and no phone
 so I asked my husband to take some photos-- 
 well, he did,
 but don't think he was thinking of blog posts, 
 so none are really great to share...
but wanted you to see them anyway......

The Walls tell the Genesis Creation Story

Hello Adam and Eve!
I believe the story is that a mom in the school "just did it"
(need to find out her name)

Here come night and day

And the land and the sea

God's Creation- His Goodness

When I get all wrapped up in me, me, me, well.....
 Wow! Wouldn't you just love to work in this building and see this everyday?
The HUGE, AWESOMENESS of who it is that is REALLY GOOD?

And on any random  day of maybe not feeling so great about myself,
you just can't miss the message that our Heavenly Father
 sends us each and every day
 when the sun rises in the sky.

And God saw that it was Good.
And that means me too. 
And that means you.

"God saw all that He had made, and it was very good."
Genesis 1:31

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