Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Livin' Grace Filled

The tools
The Visuals
Telling the Stories around the Tables

SED Retreat for the Wives of Pastors

Small canvas with Theme Verse for Sending Gift
Designed by Connie Denninger and made with her friend Lee Berson

Bible Verse Stamps
Prayer Strips- Woven Prayer
Becoming Disciples- an Extraordinary Restoration
Visual for the Story of Nehemiah

Creative Visuals
Hands- On Processing
Counting Gifts,
Nehemiah Stories
The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

Name Tags- Hand made by Faye Krans

Eucharisteo-- The Greek word that holds Grace, Joy and Thanksgiving

Making Journals- Each person left with a journal ready to Count Gifts

One Thousand Gifts- a gift book for each person
 in this life discovery process -
 Finding Joy in What really Matters

We created  We talked
We worshipped
We sang We Prayed
 We ate well
We rested  We walked
We laughed
We shared  We cried
We studied
We talked and talked
We listened
We watched We renewed
We hugged
We encouraged We gave thanks
We embraced joy
We shared the Eucharist
  We remembered
that because of what Jesus
 has done for each of us,
We can be the Gift to bless others.

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