Monday, April 29, 2013

Livin' Well

While visiting our oldest daughter in Hickory, NC  
I was inspired by one of her recent art projects for the home.

One of my favorite sayings to keep a daily focus and examen-
It is well with my soul.

She used a canvas, mod-podged white tissue on,

some letters painted and glued on,
 think maybe some glue drippings and swiggles that dried

some rub ons, burlap ribbon and pearl dangles-

Oh I just love dangles.

Art Canvas Design and Created by Jessica Meier

She made it without a glue gun....

(can you believe a child of mine does not own a glue gun?

Well,  birthday coming up and we will have to take care of that!!

It greets visitors  in the Guest Room-

and I love seeing it there......

It is just wonderful to visit your adult children and see the

homes they are creating with their own families.

And more that that,

that she lives knowing her Jesus,

and that makes all things,

no matter what,


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