Monday, May 27, 2013

Cathedral Day

A bit of time away for worship in one of our favorite spots in DC.
The music, the setting, the gardens.
National Cathedral.

A glorious sunny and cool Sunday morning.

The lovely windows really are visual prayer.

Beautiful Trinity banners

The Cathedral from the gardens

The statue of George Washington gets some additional coloration
 due to the way the light is hitting the stained glass window
Roses in full bloom

A beautiful Sabbath morning.

Purple Allium and yellow yarrow

Buckets of Peonies at the Farmer's Market on the way home.

And though we did not get a photo--
 we could HEAR
 the 500,000 Motorcycles
 in the Rolling Thunder Parade
 in town for Memorial Day. 
 A fitting tribute to those that keep us safe
 and have sacrificed much
 to keep our great country safe.

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