Friday, May 10, 2013

Miss Kim Lilacs

   Our neighbor cut down a tree early this year and when it came down,
 even though we didn't see it happen, 
 a branch must have landed smack on top of the Miss Kim lilac bush.
  I found the spilt branch and disheveled bush a few days later. 
 On my "to- do list" was to get out the lopers
 and trim off the spilt branches. 
 That never happened.

So on Wednesday when I looked in the back yard,
 the whole bush laid heavy on the ground,
 unable to hold the weight of the full blossoms. 
 Time to trim.

 I never cut off whole branches of lilacs and bring them inside. 
 Just seems to selfish.
But I love the full look and seeing the lushness,
  and the fragrance. 
 So today ... 
just enjoy their majesty around the house.
And in the garden.

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