Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Standing Tall

Lone and Stark Tree

This tree stands by the side of the road on the way to
my growing up church in Ossian.
 It marked the spot where the
 T road was coming up soon.
In the background you can see the squares of trees
that break up field expanses in Indiana.
 Lone trees don't seem to rise up
 on the horizon here in Virginia,
 they are too close together,
 too many clumps.
  Not enough empty land
 surrounding open space.

A Bit Ragged Ole Tree

This tree marked the spot where we rested when we
rode our bikes to school.  It is also the spot in grade school where the bus got stuck in the snow and they could not get it out.
Early grade school, we got out and walked through the drifts
the rest of the way to school. 

The Catalpa Line of Trees on the Farm Home Place-

Where we garnished long swords and rode on ponies and fought off aliens and packs of wild unknowns. We all collected the blossoms in Spring and made gourmet meal "soufflés" to tide us over in outdoor adventures.

The Mulberry Tree on the  Ditch Bank at the Farm
Where we lay down sheets and hung on branches and shook them, feet swaying off the ground.
The purple berries bouncing and staining the white
 and dreaming of cobbler 
with each crush of fruit.

Four spots of trees, roots deep below surface, 
that hold oodles of memories,
 marking space and time
 and bits of laughter drifting over the years,
 brought back in a minute, 
stopping by in a car ride
 down a black-topped gravel road.

900 North and 750 East

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