Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unexpected Gifts

Sometimes there are just surprises in your day..... 
 last week when I got home from travels
 I had a couple of gift packages that had come in the mail....

Art Print from Faith Artist- Amber Skeeters

Lovely card with photo

A gift out of the blue-- 
I had found her shop on Facebook
 and given her just a few words of encouragement as a faith artist....

God must have used those words very powerfully.

Another gift -  this one a book from my friend Sybil MacBeth-
 author of Praying In Color.

A lovely book showing the blessings of living in a 
liturgical year of celebrations.

A book from Paraclete Press that she wanted me to take a look at and see
the wonderful ideas of author Jerusalem Greer.

 Two women in Tennessee,
one I have met, the other not.

It is not a small feat 
to package something,
 find the address,
go to the post office and
 mail a gift.

But, perhaps I find too many excuses
 not to this in my weeks.

It is painting a day
 with sunshine for the recipient.
Humbly offered
and gracefully received.
My thank yous sent.
And my heart still rests in gratitude.

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