Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Gardens at the Denningers

  It threatens rain, sputters, and then maybe a trickle, seems to be bypassing us-- and even though the forecast shows rain everyday--  and I get caught in a down pour and travel home--  it is dry..

 SCATTERED it is!!

 But the plants in the gardens are working hard in the heat and here is a bit of what I am seeing outside these days---

first time zinnias have actually done well-- don't tell them

always love pink caladiums in my shadiest yard spot

and moss roses for one of the hottest yard spots-- the upper south deck

 and some begonias for filtered afternoon sun

and a vistage of the last of the pink filipendula for this year

Some friends and families in rough spots right now
 and so this Kenneth Boa prayer is offered in their behalf ---

O Lord,
  I am grateful that I can always look to You with confidence and expectant hope. 
You know my needs and circumstances, 
and You continually know and desire what is best for me. 
I ask for the grace of increasing confidence
 in Your benevolence and power.


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