Friday, August 30, 2013

Mr. P's Emporium- Manassas Va.

Still working to get the stories told about vintage finds in an outing last week-
  I have been following the blog of Deborah Fisk--Confessions-
 for a while now. 
She lives in Northern Virginia
 and has tried a couple of places for her retail spot
 and has landed at the Home Store in Manassas, Va.

once again I forgot to take a photo of the store
 and had to use their Facebook photo-
so sorry for the blurry image

Deborah has a super collection of repurposed and painted goodies
 as well as a good eye for display.

Check out her facebook page here-Mr.P'sEmporium
 and a Facebook photo of her niche display area-

and way back in June I fell in love with this little bench.

on this blog post- What's in at Mr. P's

 it must have something to do with the name- Connie.
 She found this when she was out hunting with her friend- Connie.

I really didn't think that it would still be in the shop whenever I got there.
But the heart tug was still there when I spotted it.

and the date on the bottom...

And now it has a home in the "still in renovation process"
 of the garage- lounge in the old carport-

And my husband thinks I am crazy too.
For loving this old beat up thing.

And the little white enamel coffee pot
sitting underneath had to come home with it, too.

It has new friends.

And since we are practically neighbors,
and if you get a hankering to visit this little piece of forgotten history,
just give me a shout out and stop on by and have a sit.

And we can make up stories about all the things
 this little bench has been a part of since June 1937.
 And thanks for being just a wee bit crazy too,
 for the love of peeling paint and the wear and tear of life.




  1. Connie, I just saw this post and wanted to thank you so much for stopping by the shop! I'm so glad the little bench went to someone who loves it as much as I do! What do husbands know anyway? :-)

  2. well, think they know many fine things... chippy paint love? not so much


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