Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Carport- Garage- One Year Update

Well, a year ago this weekend- ( Labor Day)
 we began the project of turning the carport 
on our house into a garage space as needed 
and also a more useable space for entertaining.
This is where we started-  With Hammer and Nail

yup-- This and wide open spaces

Walls went up and doors and windows went in

Then it got pink for a very long time

And DH  working on the "less pink" project
 and the crazy redo all of the time of what the wind kept tearing off.
Some cold bits of time trying to make progress on this side.

Took us a bit to find the exact right garage door we wanted
 and with the crazy slope of the cement -
 in every direction--
DH can tell you how much each way--
 had to have a custom door made.

And we wanted one that let in light
 And was also in keeping with some privacy
That came finally in January.

It looks like 2 big French doors from the front.
 A bit more of a welcome than many garage doors.
There were not any installations at the time in Northern Virginia
 so we just has to "eye it" and determine if it would look good.

Siding got finished and lights up help a lot.

Love the entry door from the front porch
so I don't have to "go all the way around" to get into the garage.

Then there is the insulation on the inside.

And drywall up and taping and mudding.

And tearing off the now interior siding to put up drywall.

And ceiling fan is up and running.

And so on our one year Anniversary,
I can say we are GETTING THERE.
And for a husband who gets very little blocks of time together,
and is figuring things out as he goes along- Well done.

Trying to gather the product information:

Lights- Home Depot- Hampton Bay-Cambridge collection
Ceiling Fan- Home Depot- Harbor Breeze- Tilghman Fan
Doors and Windows-Home Depot- Jeldwen with privacy blinds inside
Garage Door- Lowes- French Porte door
FrenchPorte- here on FB

Next post- a bit of the Story of the inside progress.


  1. This space is just great! I can only imagine all the uses you will have for this!! Can't wait to see the inside!

  2. Looks great! I know my DH would've loved to help build it.

  3. Michele- there is still alot of sanding and painting and trim work- if he is ever out this way!


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