Friday, September 13, 2013

Carport Update- Details- 2

The challenge of this remodel was the small side space
 that we had to work with on either side of the garage door-
 in order to allow a car to come inside.
 Yes, that really is the plan for winter months-
 does beating scraping ice off at least one car.

Chairs will go into storage and the hang out space
will be vehicle ready.
But, here in Virginia that is really only Dec, Jan and Feb.
So I had been looking for some kind of storage for this space.
Requirements? old, peeling paint
 and no more than 13 1/2 inches wide-
 and would like it at least 8 feet long. 
Need storage and also work
 as a buffet or beverage station when entertaining.
No problem right?

Started looking in September 2012, 
and then finally in a warehouse in Lucketts, VA.
 spotted this in a back room
 with 3 other huge pieces of furniture sitting on top of it. 
Didn't have my measurements along, but came home and measured and called them back and bought it over the phone.
                13 1/2 inches wide- and 10 feet 2 inches long.

Well, the view is a little slanted here
 but you can see here-- it is really very long.
All criteria met.

The story as best as I have pieced it
 together is that this dealer--- 
German Favorite Antiques
 brings these out of factories in Germany, dating pre-1900 and 
sends these pieces back in containers to the U.S.

They now sell out of this space in Luckett's, VA.
Rust and Feathers

Well, this piece has 29 drawers.
 It was very dirty and took me
 an entire day to wash each drawer
 and rub with soap on the edges
 and bottom to make it easier to slide in and out.

The hand made piece has the drawers
 all notched and numbered to match 
the correct space in the piece. 

All drawers are for DH to organize
 and bring tools in that he wants
 closer for use than the shed out back.
That may take awhile-
 till the job is done to sort and make that all happen.

Beverage station ready to go- 
the white container has coffee cups
 and the black container has wine glasses.
What can I get you?

And then this piece.
Bought on the same day from a dealer down the street.
And the story came together,
 in many phone calls back and forth
 to make this work with the delivery person.
 Who, I am not kidding you-
 his name is Tom Cruise,
 and he had to make 2 trips back and forth-
 because we were 1/2 inch too tall
 to make this delivery work in one trip.

But, my other  dealer-  Leesburg Court of Shoppes
fell in love with this industrial shelving unit
 and bought it from the German Antiques dealer.
The pieces both came from the same container delivery-
 same factory-
 in Germany-
Went to two different antique venues in Northern Virginia
 and then ended back together again in our carport.
Just love the stories that go with old pieces.

Come on over and sit a spell.
 A bit more sanding and some painting- 
 and our very favorite term-
"We're getting there."

The dark green metal settee
 we got by the dumpster
 in our daughter's new apartment building.

Just needed a few screws and as good as new. 
A comfortable space to sit in the Fall -
morning, noon, and night.

and a touch of Fall to complete the carport- garage
redo update.

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  1. So beautiful and welcoming. Will miss my visits to your love filled home.


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