Saturday, September 7, 2013

Carport Update- Details-1

As I said before,  we are in PROGRESS,  but coming along in the garage space. 
 Sort of the compromise in the enclosure part was still being able to use it as "the Lounge".
We needed to make it work to help with entertaining and to use it as outdoor living space. 
 I love to sit out here when it is raining.

So a few pics today to let you see how things are coming along.

Potting table- 
well it actually stores the small clay pots
Old chicken coop on its side
and small shelves make it work well
Table beneath was salvaged from a home clean up project
 when the girls did a servant event with our church.
The organizers had thrown out the table
  for the trash- and my girls said--
"We know our mom would want that."
They were right.

Some of the silver dollars from this year's crop

Twine roll for tying up tall things in the garden

Old pool balls gathered in the glass container-basket

 wood box with collection of old carpenter rulers and dominoes

collected on an old wooden ironing board

vintage Cocoa Cola crate works to raise
 the Christmas Cactus for better display
garden tools gathered here for easy grabbing

screen doors- roadside trash- free

A wood sign with words of encouragement-
 think this was left over from Sara's classroom at Baltimore Lutheran

And that is a little bit about THE RIGHT SIDE of the Carport. 

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