Friday, October 11, 2013

Julie and Martin- Trilogy Grace

A reception full of heart-felt sentiment
 Burting with anticipation and the waiting
 Not for the wedding ceremony to end and the party to begin 
But, for the depth of appreciation of  THE MOMENT
when a new life chapter bursts forth.

Speaking words of grace-filled thanks

Tickled by the JOY of the event

Listening with Hope in the future

Knowing that this  "TOGETHER"
was also going to mean  "APART"

There is a new road map
 ahead for this brave couple

 and a part of that knowledge
 danced on the edges of this evening

But sweet hope painted
 this wedding reception- 
that the Lord of their lives
 would direct the path.

( I decided that although my camera battery died
 and the lighting was not good for the old phone camera,
 that these photos still told a story-- beautiful enough to share.)

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