Saturday, October 5, 2013

Julie and Martin- Wedding Details - One

Not sure what happened to the summer- 
but catching up a bit 
 with the story of the wedding of 
 nephew - Martin Nord 
and his lovely bride- Julie Heikel
 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

My details might have a different focus
 than their other wedding stories,
 but maybe together it will give them -
 the whole Picture.

Martin and Julie in Virginia this past summer

Cake from the Rehearsal Dinner

University Lutheran Chapel

Grandma D. checking 
out the Service before the ceremony

Grandma Denninger with her grandchildren
 and the spouses who were able to attend.

Sheet music and styled paper flowers -
lovely for the bridesmaids

Martin and Julie arriving for the reception- 
lovely red touches

pinned punched flower petals- for table decor

sheet music, 
map and vintage book page flowers

simple and sweet

Cousin Sara and her husband - Joshua Wilson

Denninger sisters
l to r
 Laura, Jessica and Sara

Uncle John and Laura

and here we have 


  1. Julie and Martin had the most beautiful wedding day. I love the presentation of table flowers a lot. Thanks for posting the pictures. ! My sister is also going to have a custom DIY indoor reception party at the domestic wedding venues in DC. We all are just super excited for her day.

    1. thanks for stopping by and blessings on the wedding in your family


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