Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent- Awaiting the Wonder

On a first Monday of Advent-
 a group of 120 women gathered in a beautiful space, 
with wonderfully prepared food and tables
 with Nativity centerpieces.

To Welcome friends and family

 To Share small pieces of our lives

To Give Thanks for the ADVENT gift

To be Reminded of the LIGHT that Jesus brings

To Think of young Mary- who pondered being the Gift-bearer

To Know that God still needs His people to bring HOPE to others

To Listen to Bible readings that tell of Old Testament
promises made into New Testament fulfillment 

To Laugh with others because our Lists
 are way too long to get done by Christmas

To Contemplate what the personal 
Heart message might be this year

To Taste the food prepared with joyful hands

To Hear the story and history of a family's Nativity

To Be Encouraged by other sisters in faith

To Learn that ADVENT means Come-
 and we are now WAITING-

To Sing about this grace gift that is for ALL PEOPLE

To Reflect on personal and family ADVENT practices

To See- the familiar things that remind us
 of the practice of presence

To Be Invited by a GOD of LOVE who pursues us relentlessly

To Rejoice that LOVE CAME DOWN

To Find Resources for child-friendly Nativities

To Touch a gift made with Love

To Read a new book for a Family Faith Library or Gift

A special thank you to Betty Long
 for the invitation to speak with this group in 
Advent Candlelight
on a December evening.

Because Jesus comes to us in the
 we pray
that this ADVENT gift
 would meet your heart need-
of a Savior who brings salvation.
May this gift of grace,
 which is given unearned to each 
and every one of our Father's children,
be your Christmas Gift this year.

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