Friday, February 14, 2014

Gifts of Heart

One day a year.  Not a bad thing to celebrate. 
Because we need everyday reminders of the grace of heart gifts. 
The ones we tend to take for granted.
 Expect to always be there.
Grab hold of and embrace- without thinking about the cost of the gift. 

When others have been careless with a key to my heart.

When I forget that I am the ONE that Jesus Loves

And that the love story will be like a hundred separate chapters all together.
And it isn't a real story without ALL the Chapters.

Because God so loved the world that He gave His son for me.

And when the gritty pressures of life
 make me feel that I don't have anything left to give-
My heart takes Hold on Thee.

Sometimes it is a childlike heart that allows real forgiveness 
to seep in deep.

And I need to see it daily that His streams of mercy are never ceasing
and the wellspring of this love thing is REALLY GOD.

So singing softly within -my soul does praise Him.

And my life is a light reflected.

Gently guarded.

Gathered together.

Then  I am gently reminded that the greatest of these is LOVE-
So I give thanks to God for the gift of Gospel Grace
 embodied in this life entwined-
 this heart shared journey with the man
 who daily teaches me the Gospel Truth
 of the real cost of living loved-




  1. Thanks Sweetie . . . I love you! You're God's very special gift to me and our daughters.

  2. Mom what a great post of all the love that we have and share as a family, but even more importantly- how God's love showers us daily. Love you!

  3. Mom- thank you for all the reminders of how we are loved and share love. God showers us with this compassion daily- what a gift! I love you!


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