Monday, February 17, 2014

Praying the Psalms- One

A couple of years ago I was struggling with a way to do
 meaningful Bible Study
 that helped also in my Prayer LIfe.
part Lectio Divina--  part doodling and mostly-- Praying the Word in.
Because I am a VERY VISUAL person.
I was also listening to a friend who said-
 What about the rest of us - without a lot of supplies, and stamps 
or all the things to make it visual?

So I began the Grand Experiment-
because that is often what I call my Prayer Life.
One 8 1/2 by 11 journal from Plaza Art,
my colored pencils, a black pen I like, a couple of stamp ink pads
and wine corks.
Everybody can get hold of wine corks, right?

Then I had some left over flower shapes from a Creative Haven gathering.
Made from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware catalogs.
Don't need to buy any pretty paper.
Just need a friend with a couple of Sizzix die cuts.

So- materials are kept low cost and readily available.
An important factor when the desire is to make this possible- in Community.

This particular journal is not used as my response-
 but simply the retelling of God's Word that makes a direct path to my heart.

I read the same Psalm in a variety of formats.

Reading the Psalms with Luther

I have the 1973 version and this is the newer, updated 2004 edition.

and my personal favorite Bible.

And I can't draw. And there is not just one way to do this.
And it is a practice of listening for what God wants me to hear.
It is not a word for word recapture.
It is the kernel for Me -- THAT DAY.
And the doodling or drawing
 are simply added because they keep me in the prayer.
And at this pace with 150 Psalms, and since I am at Psalm 20 at this time-
this may take me 15 years to complete.
God Willing.
Because it really is about the journey.

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  1. Your doodling of the Psalms is awesome and inspiring! My sister in the Lord introduced me to prayer doodles and it helped me not only to pray but to tap into a creative side of me I had not previously known existed (usually I just write). Thank you for the creative inspiration and encouragement and may God bless your endeavors!!!


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