Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mount Carmel

Driving along and passing the
 Kishon Spring to High Mt. Carmel-
a mountain range on the coast of Israel- 
that means
"vineyards of God."

The Mt. Carmel range provided a natural barrier
 to uninvited traffic along the coastal plain of Israel.
There were only three passes cut through the 1500 ft high limestone mountain.

This region is lush with vegetation because of the rainfall.
Biblical references list it as a symbol of fertility and beauty.

Mt. Carmel is the site of the story
 of Elijah's encounter with the prophets of Baal. 
 This event probably occurred near the base
 of the mountain, close to the Kishon Spring. 
The traditional site known as "El-Muhraqa"- 
the place of burning -
is the pilgrimage site at the top of the mountain.

Along a rock-strewn dirt path-

A rocky outpost near the top of Mt. Carmel- 
perhaps near an early sacrificial site.

Kansas District- LCMS President Keith Kohlmeier
 reads the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal-
 I Kings 18:30-39

listening intently is 
Indiana District President Dan May
 and his wife - Judy

Looking out on the valley
Reflecting on the story of Ahab and his wife Jezebel-
living life under corrupt influences.
The faltering of God's people 
who blended their belief in both
 the God of Israel and Baal.
Wondering about how this applies to me-
struggling to live with an undivided heart.
The compromises that I make on a daily basis.
And then the underdog- Elijah.
looking fully into the question of-
And Elijah beats the odds- 
with God's intervention.
A believer in Christ is NEVER the underdog.
No matter the odds.
When the circumstance looks bleak,
we must ALWAYS remember-
is beyond the capable and sovereign hand of
God's powerful hand of intervention.

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