Monday, March 31, 2014

Sea of Galilee Mornings

The most vivid image of our Sea of Galilee stay
To the left is Mount Arbel
Nearby Mt Arbel are the ruins of a Jewish settlement
 with a  synagogue from the 4th century A.D.
There are also cliff dwellings
 from the 17th centurybuilt by the Druze.  
Josephus writes about the Roman conquest
 of some of the Hasmonean rebels
 who built in the cliffs of Mt. Arbel. 

Reflections- January 1-24-14

The morning light danced on the water-
lifting and lowering ripples like breath,
and slanted light honored fishermen,
out in the boat casting nets,
just like 2000 years ago.
Echoes of the swarms of footsteps 
on the gentle waterside slopes-
waiting. Waiting for Jesus.
He is here. 
His words dropped like dewy grace
on the expectant crowds.
Life given abundantly to hungry people.
The Word alive. Forever touching lives.
The hidden life sustained.

Mornings gathered to remember.

Jesus- His presence changed the world.

                                                                                                         photos by JRDenninger

We leave this area to head south along the way-
 and "up to Jerusalem".

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