Friday, March 21, 2014

The Water Springs of Megiddo

The Water Tunnel  at Megiddo- The National Park
 is really "down under".

Iron Age Watersystem
Needing secure access to its water supply, Megiddo utilized different watersystems over its history.  
In the 9th c. BC, Ahab constructed a massive system with a 30 meter deep shaft and a 70 meter long tunnel.  This continued in use until the end of the Iron Age.

Tunnel to Spring
This Iron Age tunnel connected the bottom of Ahab's shaft to the spring. Before its construction, Megiddo residents had to leave the city walls in order to get water from the spring.
This tunnel was hewn from both ends at the same time (like Hezekiah's Tunnel) and its builders were only one foot off when meeting in the middle.
Megiddo Iron Age water system tunnel

Way below is this not so impressive Spring.
But, when we understand that access to a water source meant survival- 
especially in times of warfare or siege-
then the real picture unfolds here below ground.

Leaving Megiddo-
Very few people here in the National Park 
on a beautiful day-
and a better sense of some Old Testament History here-
  near the Valley of Armageddon.

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